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Default Anti weapon hack idea

My current system is sorta inefficient with catching weapon hackers and I would like to hear your thoughts on this one I have in mind. Basically, I'll add a variable that states that you got a weapon through legitimate means and you'll lose that variable once you lose the weapon (eg. death).

Example of a legitimate weapon recipient:
- John_Smith goes into Ammu-Nation
- He proceeds to buy a shotgun
- Server assigns "HasShotgun = 1" to John_Smith's temp variables
If John_Smith dies or stores the shotgun in his house, then HasShotgun = 0
If John_Smith disconnects, HasShotgun will be saved into his MySQL entry for future checks

Example of a weapon hacker:
- Ben_Smith uses a weapon hack to spawn a shotgun
- Server notices that Ben_Smith doesn't have "HasShotgun = 1", bans him

Would this be an efficient way of catching weapon hackers? If it's worth knowing, the server I'm going to use it on is a roleplay server so they won't be any weapon pickup points. You have to create them using commands or buy them using a dialog. I know this won't cover people who use ammo hacks, but I already have something else lined up for that.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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