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Default All my programs and scripts

 ____ ____ _________ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 
||M |||y |||       |||S |||c |||r |||i |||p |||t |||s ||
Sasinosoft is NOT a commercial registered trademark.

My FilterScripts:

Sasinosoft Houses v1: House + Business system!
Sasinosoft Admin Control Panel v1

My GameModes:

Dragonball Z DM 3.0
Dragonball Z DM 4.0
Aliens VS Humans TDM

My Includes:

Sasinosoft Dialogs

My Applications:

Sasinosoft Teleport Maker v1
Sasinosoft Teleport Maker v2 - Recommended for Beginners and to Lazy People XD

In Development:

- Plugin - Continuing KeyPress Detect
- Application - A blank host application to embed The PAWN Language, with lots of native functions that will allow you to create a window with buttons, menus, messageboxes etc.., without knowing more difficult Programmin Languages.
- Include - Video TextDraw - Functions to play a video in Textdraws and in 3D Labels
- Include - SA-MP XP - An in-game computer system with textdraws

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