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Default Re: About Fortnite

Originally Posted by Arithmetic View Post
What progress? Fortnite is based more on luck than precision and skill. Everybody who plays it on a frequent basis will know this. You can lazer a dude with a full mag and it'll only get 2 shots off on him, the rest doesn't register. If the third one does register, it'll only be 6-7 damage done lol.

The entire hit registration system is just stupid. It's been like this since the game was created. How long does it take for them to fix it? Are they this slow?

So far, they've only been releasing random shit to hide the fact that the game is literally trash.
I agree.Fortnite is totally based on luck even though I like the game.No skills needed to blow someone’s head with a random shot whilst in PUBG everything is realistic.
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Default Re: About Fortnite

Fornite is free to play but i personally prefer PUBG because it reminds me of Dayz is some since of the survival aspect and the graphics are not cartoonish but that's just my preference
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