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Big Clucker
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Question Show custom islands on (mini)map

Hi there!
Me and my colleagues are mapping some islands out in the open sea but we encountered a problem. We cannot find a way to mark the islands(i.e. yellow = beach, dark green = forest etc). At first we thought about using gang zones. But then we ran into another problem: we may have gangs and mafias that use the same gang zones to mark their territory.
With that said, how can we mark the areas of the islands and/or the islands themselves? Any idea is appreciated.
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Default Re: Show custom islands on (mini)map

Some options:
  1. Using gangzones - this requires ZERO modifications and can be done very easily, just use opaque backgrounds and GTA map similar colors.
  2. Custom map file, this will require users to download a map (radar) mod with map on it made using photoshop, it's a mod and obvious that not everyone will use it.
  3. 0.3.DL server mod. Create a textdraw on the radar with your custom map and make a pointer (wherever the player goes, move their pointer) on that custom texture. so it'll be like a square or rectangle HUD from GTA 5.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Show custom islands on (mini)map

Thank you! We'll go with option #1 because it's the most simple one.
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