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Little Clucker
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Default Reviving ZO-RP (Zombie Outbreak Roleplay)

Hey all, I used to play on a server called ZORP years ago around 2010. ZORP or ZO-RP stands for Zombie Outbreak Roleplay. Sadly this server is gone. It was a zombie server with TDM, DM and RP combined. It was set in Las Venturas and the desert areas to the west of it.
Cars had limited fuel and you were dependent on gas stations to refuel your car, which took quite some time to do. This made gas stations very dangerous places and zombies would often show up. The zombies would have a chainsaw and their fists as weapons along with the ability to infect a human player. An antidote for the infection was to be found in every in game hospital or medical facility. This made these locations also very dangerous due to lurking zombies. The server also featured a donators section with its own parking garage and vehicles.

I am interested in creating this server again. Maybe someone has the script for it or could recreate it?

The server had player survivors along with several official factions along with in-game HQs, S.T.A.R.S., Umbrella Corporation (UC) and Red Tabs (RT). The only zombies were player zombies, which were also able to drive in cars. Now this may sound unrealistic but it was alot of fun because zombies posed a real threat. Also a zombie was not allowed to use a car in a RP situation and this was punishable by an administrator. What was a great idea for the server in my opinion was that non RP name players were allowed to stay in the server and play, they however were most of the times automatically set to zombie, filling the ranks of the zombie team in the game, making them a real threat as their numbers rose sometimes to the hundreds. Sometimes they managed to become humans and in this way were introduced to roleplaying for the first time, often making them come back with a RP name. This way the whole server came to fruition as a new group of roleplay players would come in over and over again, Making way for all types of unofficial factions and roleplaying. This in combination with the constant threat and chaos and having to flee the hordes of zombie players made for an awesome overall gameplay experience on the server.

There are several videos of this server on utube if one wants to see some gameplay of it. The server also still has a fb group with old players on it, perhaps they could be contacted for reviving this server. From my understanding after some research, the server was revived in 2013 and later in 2015 before it ultimately died if I am correct.

I really hope we can revive this server again. Perhaps with improvements and updates to the script.


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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Reviving ZO-RP (Zombie Outbreak Roleplay)

You remember the one in Los Santos?I do...It had a big base for survivors on the hill near Los Santos airport and the LSPD.Good times.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Reviving ZO-RP (Zombie Outbreak Roleplay)

Originally Posted by Kruno88 View Post
You remember the one in Los Santos?I do...It had a big base for survivors on the hill near Los Santos airport and the LSPD.Good times.
I am unsure but I do recall a zombie server being set in Los Santos back then.

I think what made Las Venturas such a fun location for it was that you always spawned within the city which was full of player zombies, and that you had to flee out of the city to the west, sometimes while being chased by zombies. It had a real feeling of threat to it anywhere you would go. Finding cars with fuel was also somewhat of a challenge. And if you became a zombie you would have to kill other human players before you could become human again if I recall correctly.
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