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Default Re: Experience bar

Originally Posted by Volumen View Post
Yes, because if you are level 1, then to go up to level 2 you need 12 of xp, and if you are level 2 you need 24 of xp to go up to level 3 and so on. Everything depends on the level of the player.

"PLAYER_LEVEL [playerid] * 12" is equal to 12 of "xp" needed to go up to level 2. In this case, the variable 'PLAYER_LEVEL [playerid]' of the player is '1' because it is his initial level.
Then the formula I gave works exactly as I told you.
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Default Re: Experience bar

The formula assumes floats, which they may not be. Integer division will give nought in almost all cases here. Remove the brackets to fix it.
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Default Re: Experience bar

I don't understand what it says. The previous formula did not work for me, I had to do it this way:

PHP Code:
new test PLAYER_LEVEL[playerid] * 12;
Float:size 514.0 floatmul(floatdiv(PLAYER_EXP[playerid], test), 90.0); 
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