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Little Clucker
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Angry 2shared

Years ago, i uploaded my gamemodes to 2shared, i stopped playing SA-MP, but i put 2 years of work in one gamemode. I didn't want to delete it because i knew i'd need it one day for whatever reason. Today i tried to download it, logged into my 2shared account, tried to download it, and it didn't work. I tried to download some of the files i uploaded there back in 2013, but none of them worked. I have no other backups, the newest gamemode (and the one i'm looking for) is from 2016, and i can't access it anymore.I sent mails to 2shared, but they didn't reply to this day.. Will 2shared ever work again?
Also i'm pissed at myself because i also had a mediafire account back then, but for some reason i didn't upload those gamemodes there. Instead, i uploaded some minecraft worlds from when i was like 13. Was happy to see them tho.
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