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Default [FS]Clothing Store

What is it?
This filterscript allows players to buy new clothes/skins.
Nothing special, but maybe usefull for some servers. Smiley

Note: This FS will not save the skins!!


PHP Code:
 * /enterstore 
* /exitstore 
* /gotoskin [number
How to use it?
With /enterstore a player will get teleported to the ZIP-interior and will be frozen. With the arrowkeys you can scroll through all available skins. I put in all availble (286) skins. But you can remove some ID's from the "AvailableSkins"-array (starting at line 24) if you want.
When de filterscript gets loaded, each skin will get a random price. You can change the Minimum and Maximum prices by changing these lines:

#define MinSkinPrice 50
#define MaxSkinPrice 100
This default prices, will give each skin a price between $50 and $100.

To buy a skin, press the Sprint-key. If you want to exit the store without buying a new skin, use the /exitstore command.
When you leave the store (with or without buying a new skin), you'll be teleported back to the position, interior and virtualworld where you where at when you typed /enterstore.



-Thanks, support with some reps and more updates/FS coming soon.
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Default Re: [FS]Clothing Store

and cloth phisics
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