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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

Originally Posted by Zhao View Post
If it causes the SA-MP community to continue losing players due to this bug, then I would say it's a bad thing.
It seems foolish to treat this as a problem - the SA-MP community is and will be doing just fine with their player count.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

I haven't read everything of your replies, but the assumption that there is one consistent SAMP community is already an essential mistake in your argument. We have a lot of players who like different things & who found their own servers they like. Did Kalcor hold their hands finding a server? No, you get the masterlist & should figure it all out yourself. There is no such thing as a SAMP community (there might be a forum community but that's small).

So we have to look into the eyes of new players? When I was new, I sorted servers on their player count. Which would be, at this moment, a spanish RP server or a freeroam. During the day probably russian RP servers. Assuming I join this RP server & have no knowledge about SAMP whatsoever, I wouldn't even be able to play since I don't have a clue how to roleplay. It is up to me, as a player, to gain knowledge on the topic, show interest & become a more-value for the server. That includes knowledge about the usage of several bugs (no reload, cbug, CJ running, lagshooting).

Next to that, it is also not the job of the developpers of the platform to make servers (unrelated to the dev team!) more easily accessible for newer users. In fact, it is up to the server owner to attract new players. It is the server owner who should draw the lines within their community of how things work, & up to the user to decide if he wants to get through with it.

Looking at how this is actually done, we see a lot of RP servers requiring their users to have some knowledge already about their game mode or even registering on their website prior to playing. & let's not forget the obligatory FirstName_LastName requirement in most. This is completely the opposite of the motivation of your argument: SAMP should be user-friendly for the newest players. Are those servers wrong for doing so? No, I don't think so. In my opinion, servers should also have the choice of what community they want, by enforcing stuff & choosing options, including lagshooting.

The success of various game modes have shown us that we don't need a consistent group of players as a "SAMP community" to get along. There's plenty of big roleplay servers, there's a lot of popular DM servers & for the newer players (or obviously players who like that), there's freeroam. Freeroam is probably the most user-friendly mode for new players - should we enforce this then as well?

& you're asking why we want this "bug" to keep existing? As I've said in a previous topic regarding this, I want this because I like it. No more, no less. The fact that your next 2 questions are referring to hardcore DM'ers who want to "own noobs", already falsely implies everyone who likes lagshooting loves to take advantage of new players. No. I like it.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

This thread is a joke, just lock it please.

Originally Posted by king_hual View Post
This is a free mod, the developer does not have to put up with you people!

When 0.3z RC1 was released, half the players cried about proper sync "being forced" (which, in my opinion, was silly).
And NOW, people are crying about it NOT being forced? Oh, for crying out loud, make up your minds and deal with it!

^ All i have to say.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

Kalcor SHOULD force all people to use the fixed sync. If they don't like it, they can just fuck off.
Help me, please /a chat
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

To Zhao and all the others who support this bullshit wannabe revolution: are you retarded or are you pretending?
For some reason whenever Kye adds something to SA-MP everyone just blows their minds and retarded topics come to surface.

1. "Lagshooting" has always been part of SA-MP ever since its existence and for way longer than you are registered in this forum or even began to play this.

2. It is NEVER a bad idea to give the server owners and the players the right of choice to either use skin-sync or "lagshooting". In fact, Kye did the most correct thing of offering the community the ability to choose whether to use the new synchro or not, so that it satisfies EVERYONE, except you for some reason which I still didnt understand. Noone should be FORCED to anything in here, if the ability to choose is given then keep it that way.
I dont see how SA-MP will lose players, by giving them THE CHOICE TO OPT for one thing or another, maybe only in your brilliant mind.
This isnt a dictatorship where you noobs can just come here and FORCE people to do what you like exclusively. Oh and trust me.. I can talk about dictatorship all the way in, just look at my country on the left and do some research about 1974. There were thousands more people playing this game before you started so chill.

3. Get yourself an activity to keep occupied so you dont think of bullcrap like this topic. Anti-lag players can still have their skin synchro so why are you so mad about this, dont you have a Roleplay server to go on and suck some admin's cock for a place in the team? Well if you already are an admin, then congratulations on your diploma.

4. Did I already mention this topic is retarded?

5. If some people want to keep playing SA-MP the way it's been until now, let them play on their "bugged" servers like you said, whats the problem? You can just stay in your skin sync'd server with your virtual RP friends pretending you're robbing a bank while shooting flies on their skin. Because if all the people, like you're suggesting, wanted to play with a skin-hit synchro, we all would be using OnPlayerGiveDamage with no exception even if the visual bullets aren't synced. Guess what: noone or just a minority use it (among DM servers of course).

6. Newsflash: noone cares about that bullshit server list who "are against" the 'lagshooting'. Seriously, "are against"? What is this, some revolution going in here? Of course ROLEPLAY servers will not support the lagshooting, they would be retarded otherwise. If I owned an RP server I wouldnt support it on my server either, but if I also owned a DM server and people wanted to keep things as they are I wouldn't oppose.
Thats why Kye gave us the option to enable/disable you getting the puzzle?

So it's easy to come out with a conclusion: If you dont like to play it that way, move to another server. If you still dont like to play it the other way then /q and let others have the fun that you're not having.

Edit: sorry, i forgot about 7. Kye should dickslap you all over the face because this time he got something right and you are contesting it without any plausible arguments. I guess the best thing you can have right now is a shutdown on this free mod updates and stick to the version you have since this Release Candidate update is still not good for you.

I hope this post is enough to clear this situation for once and for all and to not let some weak minds get tempted by the amount of bullshit written in this topic. Even I felt tempted to this bullshit but I still managed to resist. I'm usually not so offensive on my posts in here, but giving the density of bullshit measured in here I just couldn't control my breathe. I almost suffocated!

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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

Two Hitboxes in SAMP? Shit.
I hate the legacy mode.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

It's up to the server owners whether to use it or not. I'd rather suggest to have an extra tab on the information about servers on SA-MP client, whether Legacy mode is enabled or not.

Lagshots had been always challenging and it's still good if it's there on 0.3z. Many people have been practising lagshots, the current one makes it much more easier like players are playing on a professional DM server on beginner's mode.

In other words, it would also be good if players try to adapt and develop with the current one, however this legacy mode is something which is really required. As I said above, putting something in the client towards server info, as if legacy mode is enabled or not would be great.
Currently inactive - I don't play at any SA-MP servers nor work on anything in PAWN for now. The projects that I've done so far in PAWN, which requires updates will be taking some time.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

I agree.

I understand the arguments for supporting both modes, but I still strongly disagree with that.

It all comes down to the players, and what I think lots of people here don't realise is that there are thousands of SA-MP players who don't check the forum or website at all, and therefore 0.3z will already be a massive shock to them in terms of lag shooting.

"Yay, I can play SA-MP like a real game now," they will think! But oh wait, they joined this other server and now it's broken? As I mentioned, these players probably aren't going to check the SA-MP forums, they're just going to be very confused if they can join one server and have correct shooting, and then join another and have to aim at air to hit players.

SA-MP, in terms of a core gameplay mechanic such as shooting, should be a consistent experience for the players. And it's not going to be a consistent experience when it's possible to join one server and be able to hit players like every other game in the world, and then join another and feel the constant frustration of having to lag shoot. It's just one vital thing that server owners should not be allowed to mess with.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

Yet the pseudo-problem risen from this topic is the "potential loss of players". Well take this fact: you'll lose way more players if you force everyone to a new gameplay rather than allow people to choose what to play.
Every game loses players and wins players, and SA-MP is not an exception. After 7.5 years we've been playing with "lagshooting" and the playerbase only increased, so it wont be now that it will start decreasing because of the lag which Kye offers you the option to toggle it.

People cant be that dumb not to realize theres more than 1 gameplay in a game, if they are then im sorry for them but they should be in school instead.
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Default Re: Legacy mode is bad for the SA-MP community

Yay - one more proof of how horrible some people are. There was lagshoot, people complained. It was fixed, they complained. It was re-brought with a switch, they complain. As far as I know - you can only be with it or against it. What's this third side?

According to me -
Originally Posted by newbienoob View Post
If they don't like it, they can just fuck off.
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