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Default Emmet_ Gone Forever

So Emmet_ left today, unnoticed in fact. His account was deleted without any warning.

This was his hidden note that was posted just hours ago, I'm the only person to have read it so far (literally, 1 unique view):
Originally Posted by Emmet_
I'm sorry everyone, but it's time for me to leave for good.

SA-MP was meant to be a hobby for me. Almost 7 years have passed since I first found out about it on YouTube somewhere, and honestly I'd never thought I would be playing for this long. It's shocking to know that I've spent a third of my life playing this game. This game caused me to fail a few grades and eventually drop out of school, but that would be my own fault for being an irresponsible stubborn kid.

In the time I've spent here, I've met a lot of great people, contributed a lot of code, and worked on many projects. I also managed a lot of servers as well. Some of them didn't turn out too good, mainly because I hired the wrong people. Nonetheless, I enjoyed each and every second of my time here. It was fun.

Did I make a big impact in SA-MP? No, I didn't. I never intended to release easyDialog and OnPlayerAirbreak in the first place, as these were private things I made for personal use. But then I believed that others could find it useful as well and released it. This is what started my "career" (as you may call it) and made me what I am today. In my opinion, I'm not a good scripter by any means, and this isn't just for seeking attention. However, I do admit that one of the reasons I started releasing things was to get noticed and to impress some of the other greater scripters (such as ******).

Roleplay is one of the reasons why I stuck around for so long. It was one of my favorite SA-MP game modes. I ran about a dozen RP servers in my time here - most of them being Godfather edits. After I was done with the server, I'd sell the script and lay low for a while. I even made RP scripts just to sell them - some of these scripts which have never saw the light of day. I ended up selling a script that I worked on for 2 years, known as San Andreas Realplay. Dozens of people already had the script before I sold it, and I made a promise to the seller that nobody else had the script. What a dick move that was. It's too bad that RP in SA-MP is a dead genre nowadays. Good luck trying to open a new RP server these days. If you aren't running an NGG edit, then your server is only a dumping ground for banned LS-RP players.

I've left SA-MP many times and always came crawling back, despite not having an interest in it anymore. In the past 2 years, all I've been doing was scripting and not enjoying the game for what it was. Having 20+ people a day consult me on Skype and on SA-MP forums for scripting help was overwhelming and exhausting. People would PM me and ask if they could fix a few bugs and then send me their script. I'd always tell them I was working on it and it would be done soon, but the truth is I wasn't doing anything. I was just so busy. I'd always ignore people who asked me the simplest of questions. I was an asshole, but I was a lazy one. I've also done a lot of things that I'm not proud of myself, but all of that is in the past now.

Thank you all for the times that I've had, good and bad, and I wish you all good luck with your future endeavors. Feel free to take over any of the things I've released (download link below). You could even say that you made it and take full credit but at the end of the day it's not important.

Also, I've deleted most of my e-mail addresses and SA-MP related accounts by now, so there's no point in trying to reach me. If you wanted to keep in touch with me, then I'm sorry we couldn't. This paste probably won't get discovered, but it's nice to know that at least a few people will read it and acknowledge its' existence.

P.S: This is the last time I ever touch SA-MP. Anyone who claims to be Emmet_ is not me. I've had a few people impersonate me with shitty grammar and poor English. At least do it right if you're going to go out of the way to impersonate me.

All Releases (including source for sscanf v2 and v3, which I took over when ****** left):

So, this thread is dedicated to none other than the man himself; Emmet_.
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

He drop out of school yet he learnt to code i respect you,nuff people that drop out of school didnt even make it in life... i wasnt here i see u in action are any of the good scripters but i heard about yall...yall going down in history
So sad to see you go,i hope u will return soon :[
R.I.P Emmet_
Return If Possible
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

Sorry to hear this... Emmet was a really friendly guy and I believe he still is.Good luck in the future if you're reading this Emmet.
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Old 12/03/2016, 11:35 PM   #4
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

It's sad to see you go, you contributed a lot in terms of helping and assisting newbies. I wish you good luck in future and hope you have another success out of gaming!
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

I am mostly sad for people who have joined forums around 2014 and have lost the big impact that people Like Emmet caused at the community all these years.. You all are really unlucky. Another great scripter is gone and as far as you can see in the end of the year SA-MP will be down since we lose scripters radically... Even forums are not so active as the past.
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

This is another sad day for SA-MP, even more sad is that it keeps repeating over and over in the past few months.
Take care Emmet, thanks for everything.
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

We saw this coming. Never quit. Once you quit, it becomes a habit.

Have a nice life, buddy.
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

I didn't get a poast about me when I left. Please gib credit. Oh and if you want me to be serious, I've had all my legacy stripped by the totalitarian mods here, I've done things for SA:MP that they couldn't ever do, probably jealousy or whatever. Any proof I came up with was dismissed. I'm probably the only reason why RP is a thing. Oh well.
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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

They go so fast, yet we're left with the legacy.
Wish you the very best in life.

"It's only a game, but people are real. You have to respect them." - Mick88
"You don't deserve a +rep, if you ask for it. Those who deserve it, don't have to ask." - me
"And yet people will still start new threads for the "dying" subject." - me

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Default Re: Emmet_ Gone Forever

You know SA:MP is dying when good guys leave.

See you around, Emmet.
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