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Old 27/10/2019, 01:16 PM   #231
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
How many of you requesting DL actually post in the DL section? It can go weeks in there without a single post.

Part of the problem with DL is it's so slow to get feedback.
Well duh news at 5, it's slow to get feedback and/or has little to no servers using it because you demoted it to a DOA branch no one bothers to use as their main server version (cause no players).

I know dozens of servers who prepared a 0.3.8 build with loads of custom models and new features utilizing the new API changes (including our now long dead community), they all archived the scripts the second you announced that it'll be a separate branch or reverted back to 0.3.7 when they saw their playerbase die off.
The only reason DL has no support is cause you left it to die outside of the main branch, no matter how hard you try to twist that truth. No one to blame but yourself, no offense btw.

Regarding open source / OT: just let the mod die already. We've had our fair share of memories from this mod, no need to turn it into an abomination by having people mess with and fuck up the code (only retards seem to contribute to OS projects in the GTA modding scene imho) or others creating ultimate cheat engines.
If someone is capable of updating the mod they'll go and make their own mod anyways (that'll horribly die hehe).
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Old 27/10/2019, 01:17 PM   #232
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by Sithis View Post
Open source the mod.
Read the entire topic from the first page.
Originally Posted by Sithis View Post
Allow us to move beyond Pawn.
Originally Posted by Sithis View Post
It's already being done in the form of SAMPGDK and SampSharp, allowing for C++ and C# development respectively. C# is more commonplace than pawn, allowing new devs to catch on quicker, while also not being dependent on the SAMP community to provide plugins.
Your "two cents" make absolutely no sense due to the lack of logic in the post. What do you actually require?
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Old 27/10/2019, 04:34 PM   #233
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by Kalen View Post
Your "two cents" make absolutely no sense due to the lack of logic in the post. What do you actually require?
Native support to create gamemodes in other programming languages.

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Old 27/10/2019, 05:19 PM   #234
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

We are a little stupid in psychology.

We need an accurate answer.
We waited 4 years for the new version (at least 0.3.8 )
And if all the problems is a feedback - give me at least some sign.
Everyone is afraid to ask you a question. I - no, I have nothing to lose.

If you do not give an answer, every second server will use the launcher.
SA-MP will simply become available for custom servers.

The third day we expect something from you. All Russian developers are following this.
And your answer is what everything depends on.
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Old 28/10/2019, 02:29 AM   #235
Little Clucker
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Hoping you're doing mentally and physically well because it sometimes worries us, but well. I am going to re-iterate my words into a good sounding plan:

- Merge DL and 037 to 039.
- Update memory addresses and ids.
- Fix issues left over from previous versions.*
- Release 039 for server and client.

* You can also release minor client and server updates every month or two, server updates aren't much to be honest to deal with when you go from 039 R1 to R2, or so on, unless it does something that [can] potentially break(s) something. So most of it will be SMOOTH. And client updates can be ass, but just taking your time and releasing update by 2020 will be fine, at least keep us updated and give us hope. We've spent years on this mod, just as valuable as your time.

Just give up on your childish tactics that whether you asked for DL or not, just include it with the new update. You know there's no way to end something when you upload it to the internet...
Looking for scripter? PM me.
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Old 28/10/2019, 04:18 AM   #236
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Okay I think you should show Kalcor some respect, no one in here is obviously not in the position to impose stuff to be developed nor tell Kye what he can or should do of his mod, we're all here ASKING respectfully for stuffs of our common interest, so please, don't be a dick, Kalcor did a lot for this mod and community even though not everyone knows how to say thank you for that.
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Old 28/10/2019, 05:50 AM   #237
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

I Am thankful for every chunk of letter and number this forum has ever printed on my screen may god bring peace and blessing upon the creator and his legacy shall remain in our chunks of memories.

Klick here > neobux

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Old 28/10/2019, 09:42 AM   #238
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
How many of you requesting DL actually post in the DL section? It can go weeks in there without a single post.

Part of the problem with DL is it's so slow to get feedback.
Iím part of this problem for sure. Here is some issues at the top of my head (if you are still looking for 0.3dl feedback)

Opcode 0xC000005 (might miss some 0ís). Seems to occur whenever a large model (or many models I assume with large poly counts) are spawned in. This is the only ďgame breakingĒ issue Iíve encountered on a server created solely on custom models. Happens often when running at 2000 objects

Not related to SA-MP entirely but rendering collision with kdff is sometimes clunky. If you render a building with an interior (Iíve tried this with normal houses, apartment complexes, castles, ...) it will generate invisible collisions at doors or similar areas which causes the interiors to be blocked off and render them unusable. This is still solveable tho, by not relying on kdff for collisions.

Thereís a bug with virtualworlds / interiors. If you donít have the DL function that processes models (cant recite it by head - check my latest help thread) and people switch ints/vws their packets get cancelled and they will be desynced. Their markers are still synced but their ped wont be visible to other users.

Large amounts of objects and models crash people. The opcode I mentioned earlier has to do with this too. However back in 0.37 I ran a server with more objects and labels than my 0.3dl server and had no issues there.

I used to have a large file with a lot of issues and solutions. I might look for it if this gets anywhere
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Old 29/10/2019, 06:02 AM   #239
Little Clucker
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

The community is what really matters

I decided today to bring back my server from the dead, because I know SA-MP doesn't have much time left. Bringing back as many old players as possible is my goal, as much as I would love to see SA-MP alive again; this game is 15 years old, many people have moved onto other newer games.

If you want to know what is really worth it, it's your community. It doesn't matter where we play together, as long as we are together, that's really all that matters.
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Old 29/10/2019, 07:20 AM   #240
Little Clucker
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Do what you love.Make the best possible.
I'm in China and the number of players is getting smaller.
No developer is even willing to pay for it.
But I still decided to invest in the community, just because I love this game and samp.
So if you think it's worth it, then it's worth it.
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