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Old 01/11/2019, 11:15 PM   #701
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by willttoonn View Post
I agree with this and I support these suggestions. I also hope that Kalcor will be able / find a time to add those in the future (on 0.3DL version) because the suggested things would make a really big changes to the SA-MP in general and to it's playerbase as well. I'm pretty sure that lots of players would switch to 0.3DL if this is feasible.
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

i know, why not implement to check players for godmode too with two extra native functions


forgot one thing

TogglePlayerVulnerability(playerid, bool:toggle)
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Old 02/11/2019, 01:44 AM   #703
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?


What are you going to do now?
"Não mude, nem se reinvente, apenas evolua."
"Don't change or reinvent yourself, just evolve."
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
Some of them are getting together to send me a combined recommendation for 0.3.9.

I'd say the ones that are still on 0.3.7 are mostly indifferent to DL and think they'll manage either way.
I never used the DL ones, not yet...
But i think it is not a good idea having 2 versions

I think u should make 0.3.9 the only one version and on client have a warning/icon/tag to player in server u have to download stuff
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

can we just make new sub-forum for this discussion?
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

I would suggest something like this implemented in sa-mp but unfortunately the download link is dead.
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Guys... Kye already said he is done with this mod. You're only getting a security patch and writing down all your suggestions are a waste of your time because he's not going to read them and/or comment on them, let alone implement them.

This is probably the reason he refuses to comment on stuff, because every time he does the gullible come out and spam an essay with native suggestions. Talking about giving someone the little finger (0.3.9 patch) and you take the whole hand (add DL + these 256 functions and callbacks).
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Originally Posted by Chavan View Post
I think this conversation has no meaning, In the end, DL and 0.3.7 together will not be official.
Yes, it's all upto Kalcor. Making votings or spamming this thread to merge them ain't gonna work.
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Old 02/11/2019, 12:47 PM   #709
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

I thought I posted it at some point here but could 0.3.9 have SetPlayerAttachedObject's limit increased? Maybe double it and have it be 20 slots? Pretty sure everyone would appreciate this, especially in roleplay servers where players could further customize themselves as well as have server owners use it more for some creative "effects" without taking away slots dedicated for a player's self use of accessories.

Just a thought.
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Default Re: Is it still worth it?

Edit: doesn't matter at all.

Last edited by n0minal; 03/11/2019 at 10:28 AM.
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