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Default Server Support, new VPS

So, been a while since I messed around with a VPS....
AS I recall, with NFO Servers, you don't need to port forward, ill get that out of the way firstly.
I installed Xampp, apache and MySQL
Running Windows Server 2019
Announce 1
Lanmode 0 (tried 1 aswell)
Query 1
I even attempted to allow all tcp/udp connections on any port, that also didn't work.
MySQL connects to the DB on localhost(the server)

the gamemode starts up perfectly fine. no errors no mysql failure, loads up all the data

HOWEVER on my local PC, I type in the IP and Port 7777, and I get greeted with Retrieving Info.
It never displays the server, can't connect.

Anyone have any suggestions? I am about to attempt 2012 R2 Windows Server OS Install, ill update if that changes anything.
In my code, I am connecting like this.
#define		MYSQL_HOST 			"localhost"
#define		MYSQL_USER 			"root"
#define		MYSQL_PASSWORD 		""
#define		MYSQL_DATABASE 		"testdb"
IN my Scriptfiles I have a mysql.cfg
EDIT: Noticed I can't even ping the VPS IP, contacted them for support, this is stupid.
EDIT2: wow, Firewall needs to be disabled. lol, fixed it myself, NFO Support tells me it was a fault with my game server files 10/10 guys.
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