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Big Clucker
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Default SQL queries using GROUP BY

I'm not sure if this is a bug or some SQL thing, but using GROUP BY in SQL queries seems to break db_get_field_assoc.

pawn Code:
#include <a_samp>

public OnFilterScriptInit()
    new DB:db = db_open("test.sqlite");
    if(db) {
        db_free_result(db_query(db, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `Test` ( `string` TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '' , `value` INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 ); DELETE FROM `Test`"));

        db_free_result(db_query(db, "INSERT INTO `Test` ( `string` , `value` ) VALUES ( 'abc' , 123 )"));
        db_free_result(db_query(db, "INSERT INTO `Test` ( `string` , `value` ) VALUES ( 'def' , 456 )"));
        db_free_result(db_query(db, "INSERT INTO `Test` ( `string` , `value` ) VALUES ( 'hij' , 789 )"));

        new DBResult:result = db_query(db, "SELECT `string` , `value` FROM `Test`"),
            rows = db_num_rows(result);
        for(new i; i < rows; i++) {
            new string[20],
            db_get_field_assoc(result, "value", string, sizeof(string));
            value = strval(string);
            db_get_field_assoc(result, "string", string, sizeof(string));
            printf("String: \"%s\", Value: %i", string, value);
    return 1;

Using this gives
String: "abc", Value: 123
String: "def", Value: 456
String: "hij", Value: 789
as expected, but when the SELECT query is changed to
pawn Code:
"SELECT `string` , `value` FROM `Test` GROUP BY `string`"

(or grouping by value), it gives
String: "", Value: 0
String: "", Value: 0
String: "", Value: 0
It does work properly when using the query
pawn Code:
"SELECT `string` AS `string` , `value` AS `value` FROM `Test` GROUP BY `string`"

but shouldn't that be the same?

Using db_field_name without the AS gives "`string`" and "`value`" instead of "string" and "value", maybe this is the problem.
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