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Big Clucker
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Default Need some help

I use iPLEOMAX's Textdraw editor

I try create textdraw

pawn Code:
    new PlayerText:Textdraw0[MAX_PLAYERS];
    Textdraw0[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, 445.200012, 127.686668, "usebox");
    PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 0.000000, 18.681852);
    PlayerTextDrawTextSize(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 156.399993, 0.000000);
    PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 1);
    PlayerTextDrawColor(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 0);
    PlayerTextDrawUseBox(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], true);
    PlayerTextDrawBoxColor(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 102);
    PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 0);
    PlayerTextDrawSetOutline(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 0);
    PlayerTextDrawFont(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid], 0);
    return 1;

But when i use this command nothing happens i don't see my textdraw.

What's wrong ?
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Default Re: Need some help

pawn Code:
PlayerTextDrawShow(playerid, Textdraw0[playerid]);
I'm working on an admin system called skAdmin, 40% finished.

Scripting simple admin systems with some commands for free, PM me for more info.

I also need testers for my skAdmin filterscript, if you want to test, you are welcome!, just send me a pm.

Originally Posted by cessil View Post
I quit school and became a professional sa-mp player
Guys, if i helped anyone incorrectly, please correct me, thank you.
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