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Default Re: What's your new year resolution?

Originally Posted by ]Kurence[ View Post
Maybe you would actually make some sense if you have pointed out some actual rule that I broke.
You can't moderate a community with just "common sense", you need real rules, otherwise your community (or the one you are moderating) will look unprofessional.
As you can see, "my common sense" is heavily shifted and you can't blame me (nor delete my posts) for posting about a topic that is "tabu" in your eyes, everyone is different. Create a rule and then delete posts to have some consistency in your community at least.
Actually you can moderate using common sense. You can't make rules for every single subject of discussion that exists in this world.
And it's not about suicide being a tabu subject. You could talk about it condoning it. You could talk about it without telling people that it's ok to do it.
Given the huge amount of mentally unstable people that browse the internet every day, there's a high chance for your words to cost someone's life.
Just because it seems ok to you, doesn't mean that it's ok.

That's why your post gets deleted. The fact that you got banned for it, proves that I'm actually making some sense.

"It's only a game, but people are real. You have to respect them." - Mick88
"You don't deserve a +rep, if you ask for it. Those who deserve it, don't have to ask." - me
"And yet people will still start new threads for the "dying" subject." - me

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