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Huge Clucker
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Default How to export 'original' object lightning

The street should be the same color as the other one, but mine is too much light. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Default Re: How to export 'original' object lightning

Put it into texture studio, then do this
  • Go to the place where this road is
  • Use /gtaobjects and grab the ID of it.
  • Use /swapbuilding [INDEX] to make it a map object (Don't use the square objects)
  • Use /sindex and your road will be marked in green with seperate tilings, with numbers like 0,1,2, etc.
  • Use /mtcolor [TILE ID] 0xFFFFFFFF (Without the square brackets, replace the TILE ID with the ID in the green thingy, whichever part of your object is marked with the number.)
  • Do the same to both of the roads, and they'll be alright.
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