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Default Image2Textdraw - Image to textdraw converter! -FINAL VERSION

Image2Textdraw 1.0 FINAL

What is it ?
With this tool you can convert images to textdraws!
It is an .exe application that converts every pixel of a image
to a textdraw and it generates an errorless filterscript!

*Checkbox added to enable/disable the background removal
*Code optimised at the checkbox.
*The threads are now "sleeping" longer, THIS MEANS THAT THE APPLICATION WILL RENDER SLOWER, unfortunally i had to do this because i noticed it the loop was going too fast that it will randomly skip pixels :S
*Remove transparency checkbox will be disabled when rendering
*The previewbox has been removed and the location-select part will now show your image instead of a dot
*Improved location selector (better accuracy)
*System is now using a different save method
*The system will now compare every 2-4 pixels with echothers color, and combines them if they are identical
*Icon has been removed to fix the crashes at Windows XP
*New method of detecting transparency (A LOT more accurate)
*Menubar added
*Checkbox of the transparency removal has now been moved to the menubar
*A possible crash has been fixed after you closed the app
*New color detection to reduce textdraw sizes!
*Quality option has been added (adding more delay to give the ram more time to store the pixels avoiding random transparant pixels).
*New image for locating positions (on request)
Final version:
*Standard transparency value adjusted
*Help button added (including information about how to avoid "transparant" pixels).
*You can now turn multithreading off (for slower/single core processors)
*Load/Render buttons added in the menu
*Some major speed improvements have been added
*You can now change the background image of the previewbox in order to select the location with your own screenshots (On request of asdfgh98).
NEW!Result of the pixel-reduce method:

The ammount of textdraws on this image above has been reduced from 495 to 245!!!
Version 1.5 reduces this example to just 74 textdraws!!!!

Important notes:
1. Please note that the SA-MP server has a 2048 textdraw limit! This means you can only convert small images arround 64x64 (depends on how much transparant pixels and nearby pixels with the same color there are to combine).
2. 1 pixel will be showed larger as the original due to the 640x480 scale !
3. The pixelcount on the details is INCLUDING transparant pixels, transparant pixels will not be made as textdraw though.

How to use it ?
1. resize your logo so it is arround 45x45 pixels (can be smaller or maybe even larger, it also depens on the ammount of transparant pixels you have).
2. Run the tool and click on Load Image, select now your resized logo/image.
3. Click on "Render image", and select the output where you want to save the pawn file.
4. Wait until its finished and then open the filterscript with pawn and hit F5 (compile it).
5. Your filterscript is ready to go!

*Do NOT re-release it, clame it as your own or mirror it!
*You are allowed to use PARTS of the code for yourself, but atleast put some credits in the comments to me!

Do you enjoy my tool/like it ? Please make a donation and help me keeping my favourite sa-mp server up!

Or go to and click on "Donate".
Attached Files
File Type: zip Image2Pawn 1.0 (2.05 MB, 14042 views)

Thanks to Zh3r0 for this awesome signature!

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