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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Trucking Server [xHardTruckers][MySQL][Admin System][Much More]

this plugin is soo buggy, the creator doesnt comment the code on most bits & fixing it is confusing
in ver 3.1 it "works", ver 4.0 is giving black screen
for example, if 1 person do /work, the other cant do work as the checkpoint would glitch, the simple fix is to change settimer to settimerex
now if 1 person do work, the other person in the same class cant do work as the game thinks he already have one, but the ones in another class can
my personal fix is replacing work with work[max_players]
the login could be fixed manually so players cant move around or interact during the login time
ferry doesnt seem to work
most of the commands doesnt seem to work
fuel is actually health
speedo is broken
in police class it seems that only arrest works, fine does nothing
pizzaboy is broken (player checkpoint leaks to other player)
towtruck seems to be broken too

does anyone managed to fix the speedo & most of the commands & work ? if yes i might release it here as an unofficial fix to make this gamemode "usable"
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