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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Los Santos Thug Life - United Gaming RP Edit.

Better Script.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Los Santos Thug Life - United Gaming RP Edit.

How to remove Map Icons for biz ? or to replace them with other just one icon model for all type biz ?
I need help asap
Eternal Life Roleplay - An upcoming unique RP server based in Palomino Creek
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Los Santos Thug Life - United Gaming RP Edit.

1. Get rid of the CJ running animation and get RP one for better RP experience
2. Better economy for this server like dealership, business, etc. Like make it grindy af because players will havea reason to stay and have fun also it's frustrating when every1 own a sportscar.
( , ,
3. Delete unnecessary vehicles around the map it's just unrp and also it makes the cool bus system useless
For example there's a chopper randomly (
4. Fix business entrance and exit.
I went to a bar next to Grove street and when i left i spawned at Market
( ,
5. You should add language at samp browser, because from experience people search English language rp servers but there's no language set so hardly people will find it
6. Fix factions vehicle, Everybody have access to drive PD vehicles. Also don't give PD sports car it's kinda unrealistic i mean i have no problem with high speed unit but make it rare rather than make all the vehicles as sportsone ,
7. CityHall interior, This gate just unrealistic and make no sense just get rid of that no even reason to explain why.
8. Driving test - You don't really have to do a test... you can just buy a licenses and that's it. makes the driving test vehicles useless. ,
9. Too many FD's bases in 1 location... , ,
10. Add more houses to buy for players such as motels and etc. ,

We wanted to use this game-mode for our role-play server and we found all of these.. so i decided to share them.. and there are some jobs that doesn't work.. such as Thief and a job In unity i forgot the name of it.. it's closed but would be nice if you revive it.. and also one thing.. the vehicle system is not working correctly.. vehicles never saves.. and the dealerships are also bugged.. needs to be re-worked
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