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Default Some new flavours in Roleplay Concept

I know roleplay is a gamemode which has contributed most in attracting players in SA-MP but since the era of Godfather, the roleplay concept is almost same and there are no significant changes in roleplay.
Most people would say the server should be familiar and easy to learn, some would say, "make it unique", and many else.
But i would like to hear all your opinions about different roleplay concept and other suggestions which can really attract the players to a new way of roleplay.
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Default Re: [Suggestion] Some new flavours in Roleplay Concept

Right, so, I've been playing around with this idea for a while now. I've been trying to find a guild that suits me and that retains my interest for over two days without success for a good while now. As some of you might or might not know, the majority of my RP hours go to LSRP (A RP community in SA:MP, GTA San Andreas Multiplayer) which might or not be a contributory factor as to why I lose interest in every guild after two-ish days. Regardless, I think it would be cool to have some sort of house-like guild (not something out of asoiaf), somewhat resembling the brilliant Bloodied Crown and Arathi Honour Guard ideas. Yes. Fer the nerth. However the guild's sole focus would not be on the north, where we'd raid every undead encampment we come across, shouting for the north like bellends. We would embrace a some sort of scavenging concept, where on one side we'd be these prestigeous knights you see here and there and on the other, struggling to make it through the day with the rations, clothes, supplies etc etc.

I'm not the best with words, but you get my point. Another concept I'd like the guild to embrace is the PK-CK (Player Kill and Character Kill) concept. Now the majority of you probably have no idea what this means, so I'll try explaining the concept to you the best I can, as it might be a bit complicated.

PK, is when your character is killed but later on respawns, meaning you'll be able to continue with your character FROM A POINT BEFORE your death. Anyone who witnessed you die would have completely forgotten everything that had anything to do with your character's death. I know I'm making this sound complicated but it really isn't, it's an extremely easy concept to grasp.

I should also point out that just because someone is PKd during an event yall shouldn't strut around carelessly as if nothing had happened. RP still applies, and everyone should be affected accordingly by the character's death. Your memory of this instance does not wipe instantly.

CK, unlike PK means that you're killed in such a way that you're permanently eliminated, and you'd have to start over on a new character. People witnessing this will not have their memories of you erased, as you do not respawn.

This concept would provide more interesting RP where it would invite more IC tensions where players can be killed, and all in all makes it all so much more interesting.

So what are your thoughts on this? If I made anything unclear, please let me know in zhe comments and I'll sharpen it out for you's.
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Default Re: [Suggestion] Some new flavours in Roleplay Concept
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