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Huge Clucker
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Default Suggestion for Scripters who don't know what to make

I have thought what SAMP Scripts lack.
We need a good Gang,Gangwar script.
I took the idea off one server:
So here it is.
Server has like 200+ gangzones,around SA.
Commands are:
!text - gangchat
/gangs - gangs
/gangkick - kicks members out of gang
/gangcolor - changes the colour of gang,every gangmember has gangcolor for his personal player color,while the turfs you take are colored in gang color and change when you change gangcolor.
/ganginfo - info about gang,leader,members,ranks.
/gang create,leave,join,invite - name tells everything.
/gang rank - sets the rank of player in gang.
Gangs are saved in files
Each gang can buy a special place called Gangbase,a place where you can get armour,sawnoff,m4,uzi.
There are 4 gang ranks:
4 - Gang creator (only 1 person may have this rank)
3 - Leaders of gang.(can kick guys from gang,can set gang color,can buy/sell gangbase)
2 - Gang Veterans (can buy gangbase)
1 - Gang member (can /gang attack,when there are 3 guys in turf (gangzone) you can attack the turf if the number of gang members in turf is lower than 3 gangwar is LOST,the gang who had the turf still has it,and if all 3 gang members stay in turf all the time,gang wins the turf,and each hour gang gets inital deposit at bank of 1000 per turf)
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Default Re: Suggestion for Scripters who don't know what to make
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