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Big Clucker
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Default Cop vs Terrorists - TDM (0.3.7 | MySQL)

This is a round based TDM gamemode I was working on back in 2014. Due to lack of time and interest, I stopped working on the script. Since I have no use for it, I thought of releasing it. The maps in this mode are all picked from the SA-MP forums with some additional ones added by me and my friends.

Things you should change:
  • USE_IRC. Comment it if you don't want to use the IRC feature. If you do decide to use the IRC feature, head over to DM/ and change IRC_SERVER and IRC_PORT and other details there.
  • Load the MySQL tables file "cs_playerdata" in your preferred MySQL database.
  • MYSQL_* (host, user, password, database) in DM/
  • Create folder named "ach" in scriptfiles. (Can change folder name in includes/

Plugins/includes you need (credits):
  • Round based with map voting - admins can choose a map via command (changemap [map name]) without considering votes.
  • Top players' list after every round - scorecard.
  • Custom damage system - damage based on weapon type and players' distance. You may see a minigun on buy list but the damage is extremely low.
  • Headshot/nutshots - toggleable.
  • Armor to save you from torso shots - realistic?
  • Helmet to save you from headshots - helmets are damageable as well.
  • Armor/health damage indicator - see armor/health icon above players' heads when you give them damage.
  • Marking system - aim at player and press 'N' (KEY_NO) to mark them on the map.
  • Kill cams - self-explanatory.
  • Buy system at each round start - buy weapons for every round. /buy to see the buy menu on next spawn.
  • 20 playable maps - credits given in the script.
  • Maps system - you can add maps and spawn points for every map. Change MAX_MAPS if you add maps for them to load.
  • Admin system - a very basic one with ban system and everything.
  • Accounts system - players can choose to register if they wish to, to save stats. Gamemode works even without MySQL database.
  • IRC system - optional.
  • Blood screen on damage - toggleable.
  • Spawn-kill protection - yeah...
  • Team balance system - ensuring teams remain balanced.
  • Achievements system - add your own achievements.
  • AFK/Return system - allow players to know when someone has gone AFK/has returned.
  • Radio system for teams - @before text to chat with teammates. Ex: "@form up on me".
  • Killstreaks - you get a killstreak for consecutive kills.
  • Lasers - lasers attached to guns.
Use /acmds or /level (level) to view admin commands or /commands to view player commands.
  • /help command:
    Use /help [command] to view info for any give command.

  • Player commands:

  • Level 1:

  • Level 2:

  • Level 3:

  • Level 4:

  • Level 1337:

  • Commands added later, not in the above pics:
    - (/command) <level> - description
    - /afkcheck <0> - to check if a player is AFK.
    - /lastseen <0> - to check when a player was last online (score required: 100).
    - !text <1> - to chat with admins.
    - /aka <1> - to check other names a player (IP) has used.
    - /ascreen <1> - to display text on a player's screen (GameText).
    - /countdown <1> - to display a countdown for players (optional: freeze).
    - /acaps <1> - TO DISABLE A PLAYER USING CAPS.
    - /amute <1> - .
    - /aunmute <1> - finally, the above one is to mute players, this one to unmute them.
    - /gotoex <2> - to teleport to coordinates.
    - /aban <3> - to ban a player.
    - /atempban <3> - to temp ban a player.
    - /aunban <3> - to unban a player.
    - /aunbanip <4> - to unban a player using their IP.
    - /asetvip <5> - set a players VIP level.
    - /fakechat <5> - Simulate a player chatting.
    - /fakecmd <1337> - Simulate a player using a command.

  • /admincommand(ex):
    By adding an "ex" (for example: /amute -> /amuteex), you can still access the command but it will be done in a silent way, i.e. players in the server won't know who the admin who executed the command (in this case mute) is.

  • VIP commands:
    - #text - for VIPs to chat among themselves.
    - /vsay - VIP chat message sent to all - showoff.

Some pics:

I couldn't find better screenshots. If you want to contribute screenshots or videos, let me know, I will add them here.

Pls make admen?
To get admin level in game, /register first so it saves. Then log on to RCON and /asetlevel [id] [level] or after registering, change your admin level from the database.

Script won't put me on the map/round timer not changing?
This gamemode is designed to work ONLY if 2 or more players are online. If you want to test alone, change variable gPlayerCount to something above 1.


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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Cop vs Terrorists - TDM (0.3.7 | MySQL)

Looks nice.
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Default Re: Cop vs Terrorists - TDM (0.3.7 | MySQL)

Good Work Brother
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Miqueias Barros
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Default Re: Cop vs Terrorists - TDM (0.3.7 | MySQL)

Very good, one the bests the forum.
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