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Little Clucker
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Default Scripting Help for New server, moved to scripting disscussion

I just created a new server and its the default game mode, lvdm 1. However when I choose a character its always a desert eagle as a weapon, I want to add and change some weapons. Please Help. And do I have to change the weapons for character one by one? Please tell me step by step for the scripting, I'm New to scripting.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Scripting Help for New server, moved to scripting disscussion

in lvdm there's OnGameModeInit function

sample of the non edited LVDM
pawn Code:
public OnGameModeInit()
    SetGameModeText("Ventura's DM~MG");

    // 0.2.2 specific stuff
    /* Was testing the new pickup limit.
    new Float:pickX=2040.0520;
    new Float:pickY=1319.2799;
    new Float:pickZ=10.3779;
    new x=0;
    while(x!=400) {

    // Player Class's
265- Skin ID
265,1958.3783,1343.1572,15.3746,270.1425,0,0,24,300 -spawn coords
24- is a weapon id ( eagle )
300- is the ammount of ammo on the spawn

Just change the weapon id to whatever you want

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Default Re: Scripting Help for New server, moved to scripting disscussion

You can find weapon Ids on the Wiki

And script resources

In LVDM the last 6 things which are 0,0,24,500,-1,-1
The first one is the weapon and second the ammo
So if you wanted to keep the desert eagle but add for example a M4
It would look like


You can change the -1's to weapon and ammo aswell.


M4, Deagle and SMG would look like

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