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Big Clucker
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Default Possibility of an attack

My server has been crashing for 6 days without generating logs on crashdetect, without generating crash on mySQL, I believe there may be a security flaw in some plugin, if not, I really need to know if it is an attack or a programming error

PHP Code:
 [29/01/2020 13:11:30] [ERRORsignal 6 (SIGABRTcatchedshutting log-core down (errno0signal code: -6, exit status0
Esse log foi gerado em uma das quedas, e no server_log quase sempre exibe esse aviso:
PHP Code:
 [warningclient exceeded 'ackslimit' (11883Limit10000/sec 

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Tom Kingston
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Default Re: Possibility of an attack

One of three possibilities:
1.) Unreliable hosting with latency issues;
2.) Bootleg plugins with bad code that crash the server;
3.) Someone's DDoSing your server.

1.) Have a conversation with the Sales Department and ask for evidence that proves that they're providing the services you've paid for;
2.) Update the plugins or find better ones to replace them;
3.) Buy DDoS Protection[it's a filter to deny access to IP's which are frequently sending large packages] or speak with the Tech Support Department and tell them that someone's causing you problems and you can't run your server so it's their responsibility to handle the problem.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Possibility of an attack plugin update and problem fixed.
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