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Huge Clucker
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Default Move Object bug? +REP

Hello when i go in game the gates when moved rotate and moves...Then they wont go back at their old position anymore! Why=?

pawn Code:
CMD:bcsdopen(playerid, params[])
   MoveObject(bcsdgate1, -505.29980469,2600.39990234,54.29999924, 1);
   MoveObject(bcsdgate2, -505.29980469,2585.34008789,54.29999924, 1);
   SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GOLD,"(INFO) BCSD Deposit's gate has been opened.");
      return 1;

//bcsdgate1 = CreateObject(989,-505.29998779,2595.19995117,54.29999924,0.00000000,0.00000000,16.00000000); //gate1
//bcsdgate2 = CreateObject(989,-505.29980469,2589.79980469,54.29999924,0.00000000,0.00000000,15.99609375); //gate2

CMD:bcsdclose(playerid, params[])
   MoveObject(bcsdgate1, -505.29998779,2595.19995117,54.29999924, 1);
   MoveObject(bcsdgate2, -505.29980469,2589.79980469,54.29999924, 1);
   SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GOLD,"(INFO) BCSD Deposit's gate has been closed.");
      return 1;

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Daddy Yankee
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Default Re: Move Object bug? +REP

Try to put the rotate angles too when you move it, see if it works. Example:
pawn Code:
MoveObject(bcsdgate1, -505.29980469,2600.39990234,54.29999924, 1, rX, rY, rZ);
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