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Default Re: Damage System

Originally Posted by redtin06 View Post
how to change 67 seconds ago to date? instead of ago i wabt to use Feb 14, 2020 06:25
pawn Code:
stock ReturnDate()
    new sendString[90], MonthStr[40];

    gettime(hour, minute, second);
    getdate(year, month, day);

        case 1:  MonthStr = "January";
        case 2:  MonthStr = "February";
        case 3:  MonthStr = "March";
        case 4:  MonthStr = "April";
        case 5:  MonthStr = "May";
        case 6:  MonthStr = "June";
        case 7:  MonthStr = "July";
        case 8:  MonthStr = "August";
        case 9:  MonthStr = "September";
        case 10: MonthStr = "October";
        case 11: MonthStr = "November";
        case 12: MonthStr = "December";

    format(sendString, sizeof(sendString), "%s %d %d - %02d:%02d:%02d", MonthStr, day, year, hour, minute, second);
    return sendString;

Search the line where the script saves the time (i think using gettime), and replace it with ReturnDate();

Note ReturnDate is returning a string, you have to use strcpy to store it.

EDIT: Made it for you in 2 minutes. (not tested)

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