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Little Clucker
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Default Disconnect after ALT-TAB/pause


I've recently ran into a problem with my game. A lot of times when I alt-tab out of my game for a few minutes and then come back, I've lost connection to the server and it has to reconnect me to it. It's really annoying having to log in every time.

I'm using Windows 10.

Anyone else ran into this issue?
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Default Re: Disconnect after ALT-TAB/pause

The game would completely crash for me instead if I alt-tabed. Try changing their compatibility, that worked out for me.
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Default Re: Disconnect after ALT-TAB/pause

Is it only on one server or on SA-MP in general?

I used to have this issue and it just resolved itself after I tried numerous things. Maybe while paused, your internet connection stops working for a few seconds and it reconnects you, I don't know.

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