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Big Clucker
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Default Dogfight server (under construction)

Hello everybody,

I created a gamemode in which players can dogfight each other using a rustler, hydra or an rc plane. Basically the space around area 51 is reserved for this game. You fly a plane that has both health and a fuel tank. When either one runs out, you die and will be respawned after 5 seconds. There are powerups that will spawn periodically which you can use to heal or refuel your plane. There is also a powerup that blurs the vision of your oponents. I intend on implementing more types of powerups.

Since I don't think there is a way to determine who fired the bullets that hit your vehicle there is also no real way of keeping score. The game is a free-for-all at the moment. It could be implemented in a last-man-standing manner but this would keep a lot of players waiting, personally I get super bored. Right now, players can join and leave at any moment they like.

The game sometimes removes players from the fight accidentally. I think this has something to do with consistency and I am still working on this. The game is not completely bug free yet, but getting there. I first wanna test if there even is interest in this game before I fully clean the code up and thoroughly debug.

I am open to suggestions on the keeping track of score part or ideas for powerups. I received multiple complaints about how the camera is positioned on the plane you're flying. Unfortunately I can not do anything about this on the server side. You should consider using a ps3 controller and using the right stick to control the camera and use the left stick to both control the rudder and the ailerons.

I am also open to helping to implement this as a filterscript in an existing server. I am not very active on this forum anymore but I will try to regularly check for updates the next few weeks.

Here is the repository:



Scoring is now also implemented.
Let's solve problems!

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