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Flowers Zombie [FCNPC] [A.I]

Zombie [FCNPC][A.I] v0.2

A zombie bot script in which you'll find zombies roaming around the map. It's in the beta stage, so let me know any bugs you'll find. There're 2 scripts, one is purely based on MapAndreas and the other is on ColAndreas. I'm trying to provide features as I learn. Feel free to point out any improvements or bugs.

What's New in v0.3?:
  • Script improvement.
  • Introduction of Dini for configuration save. ~ I'll provide INI, MYSQL or SQLITE in future versions.
    • You'll find some groundwork done in the v0.3 script of YINI.
  • In-Game configuration of script -
  • Redefined the custom damage to zombies - now zombies will not die in 1 shot from headshots and several weapons.
    • Zombies will fall when they're being shot by a shotgun, spaz12, country rifle, sniper. (bug - they can move while being stunned)
    • If you disable the Headshot system then you'll see "Severe Damage" on the screen instead of headshot and also the zombie will fall due to the high impact of the gun bullet.
  • Fixed minor bugs
    • respawned zombies don't show the full health bar.
    • death window double-counted deaths.
  • Redesigned whole script.
  • Test Commands
    • /zcmds /zget /zspawn /zgoto /zconfig

  • Script improvement.
  • Bug fixed ~ "Zombie stop their heads when the player stops on near to them".
  • New zombie nametag and health bar -
  • Initial Release
  • Custom damage to zombies from players [configurable - in-game(v0.3)].
  • Custom damage from zombies to players [configurable - in-game(v0.3)].
  • Zombies have melee weapons (shovel/knife/katana - custom damage).
  • Zombies will roam around the map.
  • Zombies will more be attracted to players who shoot nearby them (except silencer & melee weapons) [configurable - in-game(v0.3)]
  • Zombies will less attracted to players who crouch/duck near them. [configurable - in-game(v0.3)]
  • Zombies will more be attracted to players who sprint. [feature to disable this feature (A.I) - in-game (v0.3)]
  • Zombies have a custom health bar on their heads (
  • Latest FCNPC and ColAndreas/MapAndreas[1.0, 1.2.1 in v0.3(MapAndreas Version)] is used.
  • Zombies get a headshot from all weapons(only zombies). [feature to disable this feature (A.I) - in-game (v0.3)]
  • Based on 0.3.7 version, you can use this on DL version and also add custom zombie skins in it.

In-Game Configuration v0.3 -
Updated zombie nametag and healthbar v0.2 -
Custom zombie damage during test phase from v0.1.1 -
Zombie kill human (death window) from v0.1 -

- v0.2(MapAndreas) have zombie spawn bugs if the zombie dies then there's a possibility it'll spawn at the same position.


FCNPC 2.0.0 RC7: Github
ColAndreas: Github
MapAndreas: Forum Topic
YSI Timers: Github

Last edited by KayJ; 17/05/2020 at 07:53 AM. Reason: v0.3
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Default Re: Zombie [FCNPC] [A.I]

Good work. I'll let you know if I find any bugs.
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Default Re: Zombie [FCNPC] [A.I]


Player Name Tags -
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Default Re: Zombie [FCNPC] [A.I]

It seems like they will fly if the target is flying.
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Default Re: Zombie [FCNPC] [A.I]

Gotta use map Andreas for a bit of precision, and colandreas for a better performance.
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Default Re: Zombie [FCNPC] [A.I]

Zombies are flying
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