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Big Clucker
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Default object-physics include

I was recently trying to work with the Physics include by Peppe, I wanted to create a ball which would be affected by any kind of collision, either it's a vehicle or a player.

Like: Player touches the ball, it would move
Vehicle touches the ball, it would move, is that even possible?

Anyway, thing is, the starters didn't even work out for me. I was testing the include before doing anything and I couldn't get the object to move? when I issue the command, the object gets created and it moves for like 2m then it doesn't move at all again, it wouldn't collide with my player nor a vehicle. What should I do?

My code:

PHP Code:
YCMD:phytest(playeridparams[], help)
#define SPEED (10.0)
    #define Z_SPEED (4.0)
    #define GRAVITY (13.0)
new Float:ppXFloat:ppYFloat:ppZFloat:ppA;
RL_BALL CreateObject(2114ppXppYppZ000100.0);
PHY_SetObjectVelocity(RL_BALLSPEED floatsin(-ppAdegrees), SPEED floatcos(-ppAdegrees), Z_SPEED);
PlayerData[playerid][inPhysics] = true;

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Big Clucker
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Default Re: object-physics include

Try looking at the soccer gamemode to see how to make interact player and ball

At the moment, it is not straightforward to make vehicle and objects interact, as you would need vehicle collision data and dedicated collision physics
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: object-physics include

You need ColAndreas plugin, make sure you initiate the plugin correctly under OnGameModeInit and have the required binary file for it in the scriptfiles folder.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: object-physics include

I have ColAndreas plugin. @Peppe, can you please show me an example of how to make a vehicle interact with an object? I also don't seem to find my problem looking at the soccer gamemode.. @The soccer gamemode, you make the player react with the ball using Keys I assume, I wanted to make the ball automatically react with the vehicle, how am I supposed to that? Or even with the player?
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