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Little Clucker
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Default /givemoney

When I use /givemoney playerid money give 0$
	new bani, player, playerul[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], admin[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], string[128], string2[128];
 	GetPlayerName(player, playerul,sizeof(playerul));
        GetPlayerName(playerid, admin, sizeof(admin));
	format(string, sizeof(string), "Admin-ul %s ti-a dat %d lei.", admin, bani);
	format(string2, sizeof(string2), "I-ai dat %d lei lui %s.", bani, playerul);
	GivePlayerMoney(player, bani);
	return 1;
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: /givemoney

You should use sscanf
Sorry for my bad English

Respect: Kalcor, ******. Thank you for this great game!
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: /givemoney

PHP Code:
CMD:givemoneyplayeridparams[ ] )
baniplayerplayerulMAX_PLAYER_NAME ], adminMAX_PLAYER_NAME ], string128 ], string2128 ];
GetPlayerNameplayerplayerul,sizeofplayerul ) );
GetPlayerNameplayeridadminsizeofadmin ) );
sscanfparams"ui"playerbani ) ) SendClientMessageplayerid, -1"Usage: /givemoney <player> <bani>");
formatstringsizeof( string ), "Admin-ul %s ti-a dat %d lei."adminbani);
formatstring2sizeof(string2), "I-ai dat %d lei lui %s."baniplayerul );
SendClientMessageplayerid,verde_deschis,string2 );
GivePlayerMoneyplayerban i);

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