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Big Clucker
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Default help with anticrash..

Please I sreach same anticrash for my server..
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: help with anticrash..

Simple Anticheat:
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Default Re: help with anticrash..

If your server crashing, Use Nativechecker and Crashdetect plugins, You can search ****** for them.
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Default Re: help with anticrash..

If your clients with unmodded games are crashing, it's your script and isn't something that should be fixed externally but rather through the source of the issue. Gamemode crashes can result from improper usage of functions(for example using an invalid file handle in fread or fwrite) and rarely issues with the actual server.

If your clients are crashing and you are sure the script isn't the issue then try monitoring common data such as weapon & shot data. If you are running the r1 server update to the r2 package.
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