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Default NPC suggestions

I really don't like the way the NPC's are working at the moment.

You need to draw a line between normal players and NPC's.

For example one thing I don't like is that the NPC's get called in every single callback in the main script. Can't you make it so only normal players will get called in the main script (gamemode) and NPC's will only get called in the NPC-mode (in npcmodes-folder)?

I don't get why there's special mini-gamemodes for NPC's if you can do the same shit in the main script, it kind of makes those NPC-modes useless, why would anyone use it if you can do the same thing in the main script?

Why don't you make it so bots can be handled ONLY in the specific NPC-mode which is located in the npcmodes-folder and normal players can be handled ONLY in the main game-mode (or filterscripts)?

These things messes up many scripts and makes the scripters do huge work on disabling things, where NPC's should not go to, from them.

So, long story short: make functions & callbacks work for NPC's _only_ in the NPC-mode.

Also, would be nice if NPC's started filling the server from the end, meaning that if the server had 500 player slots, first NPC would be id 499 and the second would be 498.
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Default Re: NPC suggestions

i quite like how they are done at the moment, its very easy to make them.
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Default Re: NPC suggestions

well either way, one thing i definitely agree on is having the bots id's starting from the end.

And also i agree, the callbacks for bots and players should be kept separately, there is now a lot of work that has to be done to stop bots being called back.
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