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Little Clucker
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Default Problems With Spawning

Okay I have been Having Many problems My server first Had A Error with Ids 0 all the ids would link back to id 0 e.g /giveweapon 3 and it will give the weapon to Id 0 Then I asked A scripter If he can help He said to and this to the .pwn
SA-MP MySQL plugin R5
Copyright (c) 2008-2010, G-sTyLeZzZ

#if defined mysql_included
#define mysql_included

//Common error codes (|server).html)

#define ER_UNKNOWN_TABLE 1109
#define ER_SYNTAX_ERROR 1149
#define CR_SERVER_LOST 2013

//Native functions

#define mysql_fetch_row(%1) mysql_fetch_row_format(%1,"|")
#define mysql_next_row() mysql_retrieve_row()
#define mysql_get_field(%1,%2) mysql_fetch_field_row(%2,%1)

native mysql_affected_rows(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_close(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_connect(const host[],const user[],const database[],const password[]);
native mysql_debug(enable = 1);
native mysql_errno(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_fetch_int(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_fetch_field(number,dest[],connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_fetch_field_row(string[],const fieldname[],connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_fetch_float(&Float:result,connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_fetch_row_format(string[],const delimiter[] = "|",connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_field_count(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_free_result(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_get_charset(destination[],connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_insert_id(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_num_rows(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_num_fields(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_ping(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_query(query[],resultid = (-1),extraid = (-1),connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_query_callback(index,query[],callback[],extraid = (-1),connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_real_escape_string(const source[],destination[],connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_reconnect(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_reload(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_retrieve_row(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_set_charset(charset[],connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_stat(const destination[],connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_store_result(connectionHandle = 1);
native mysql_warning_count(connectionHandle = 1);

//forward declarations

forward OnQueryFinish(query[], resultid, extraid, connectionHandle);
forward OnQueryError(errorid, error[], resultid, extraid, callback[], query[], connectionHandle);
so I Did the I ran the server same problem he then said it is something to with sscanf2 he said to change it to this
native sscanf(const data[], const format[], {Float,_}:...);
native unformat(const data[], const format[], {Float,_}:...) = sscanf;
native SSCANF_Init(players, invalid, len);
native SSCANF_Join(playerid, const name[], npc);
native SSCANF_Leave(playerid);
So I did that now When I spawn it Says stay Stay in world Note:I have the Latest sscanf, latest mysql, latest streamer +1rep
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Problems With Spawning

WE HAVE SAID 100 TIMES UPDATE YOUR SSCANF And sometimes dont use the 100% updated version
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