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Default International Roleplay

Web:International Roleplay Website
Server IP:
Discord: Discord

Server Information
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Note: International Roleplay was opened seven years ago, we had some problems so we had to close the server, and now we're re-opening it with new and more realistic features.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Short Brief

Like I've told you above we're reopening the server with new features. It'll be medium-heavy roleplay server, based in Los Santos. We're not refunding or giving away anything. So you have to work hard to get money and such things in-game. Old players just get FAMEDstatus, where they can have a little bit benefits/features than normal players.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________


Jobs: We've totally changed the job system, so it be more fun and more realistic for players. We've total of five jobs, Every job has it's own features and you have to work hard to gain money. We recommend Trucker or Mechanic as a starter.

Side-Jobs: As now we have only 1 sided-job which is FISHING, We've changed it totally to be more realistic.

Houses: There are six levels for the housing system, every level has it's own custom interior. You can upgrade it and you can upgrade the safe inside of it to deposit more items. Normal players can own up to 1 house, while VIPs can own up to 2 houses.

Furniture: As every house level has it's own interior, Now you can get your own furniture so you can design your own house.

Businesses: We've total of 6 types. You can fill it by products from the prod's company which is dependent on truckers. Every business have 3 levels, every level has it's own interior (Ammunations, and Markets only.) and space for the products. Now you are able to have a business name, business entrance message, and you can control the prices inside your own business.

Garages: Fixed and updated it totally, Just one level for now that has space for 1 vehicle.

Vehicles: A totally new vehicle system, where you have various controllable features with your vehicle. You can buy a vehicle from Grotti's Dealership, then you have to upgrade it at the vehicle agency, Lock upgrade, Alarm upgrade, Registration (plate number), Install GPS, Install neon. You can now give vehicle keys to any player, sell it to any player, and you still can sell it to the dealership. Cops can impound your vehicle and can add a ticket to your vehicle, you are able to get it freed by paying to cops a ticket price, and you can pay the vehicle ticket by paying it at the cityhall services. Every player can own up to 2 vehicles, Gold VIPs 3 vehicles, and Platinum VIPs 4 vehicles.

Vehicle Agency: Vehicle agency is located near to All Saints Hospital, where you can upgrade your vehicle, and you can start your career as a Mechanic. The mechanic career has totally changed to more realistic system, Where you have to buy components to do a service. There are three services available to a mechanic, repairing engine, repairing the body of a vehicle, or changing the vehicle color. You can buy components, but you have a limit space holding these components depends on your skills. The agency may be out of stock and it can be refilled by truckers. Players can contact the agency by calling (554). All available mechanic gonna have a message with the details, then you can contact the player who called and start your work by offering that player the service, then start spraying the vehicle for limit time. (TIME IS DEPENDENT ON THE SERVICE.)

Death System: Players won't spawn to hospital after being dead, you are going to get injured, and you can be treated by medics. If there are no medics online you can just spawn at hospital immediately by using a command in-game.

Drop System: Any player drop a weapon, cocaine, or weed will have it dropped on the ground, where he or other player can pick it up again.

Drug Addiction System: Added a new drug addiction system, where you can be a drug addicted by using cocaine or weed more than its possible. You can get treated from the addiction by buying medicines from the Hospital but it would take much time and money from you.

Weapons System:: It won't be easy for players to hold weapons around, as they have to do much work as a weapon dealer. Smuggling then buying materials.

Factions: Total of 7 factions. All factions are updated and have more realistic features. Factions Lockers are more realistic now, they have limit weapons in that lockers and it can be filled by the GOVERNMENT WINCH!
So government have much work to do.

Families: Players can apply/roleplay to get a family slot. Where they can control the streets and capture turfs/points to gain more money. Families have 3 custom HQ's depends on the family level as well the members limit. There are family achievement system to have gang cookies, where they can use it in upgrading their level or having cocaine/weed/seed/materials.

Bank System: The bank system has totally changed, even the robbery. You can recieve your paycheck from the bank now, and pay your taxes through the bank.

Hunger & Thirst System: Hunger and thirst system where your character will suffer from them, and drug addicted character will suffer from them more than normal characters. You can fill them by eating in a restaurant or drinking in a club, You even can get yourself a takeaway sandwiches or sprunk cans
so you can use them anywhere.

Special Days: Special days to have more fun. There are two types of these days, Bad and good days. These days are randomly being chosen every 5 hours. You can end a bad day by buying perks from the cityhall, or you can have a good day by buying perks.

and more to find out in-game.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

We are in need of factions leaders, admins, and helpers. Don't ask for it you should gain it.

Discord: Click Here - MDC System
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