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Default Re: Vehicle Extended Functions

No, if you don't have permission to redistribute from the original author, you cannot do so, even if you think you should. If you have explicit permission, you should prove it; if the include has an open-source license, you cannot change it.

"copyright X" means "only X is allowed to copy", so all those includes that say (or said) "copyright SA:MP team" or "copyright dracoblue" etc, means that only those people can redistribute them. You are not the SA:MP team, you are not Dracoblue, you are not me, you are not any of the other people that wrote most of those includes. So why do you feel you have the right to take their code?

P.S. This is why I said there was no communication. You get a ton of evidence of stolen code by one of the owners of said stolen code and still try pretend there isn't a problem. Then wonder why you got banned.
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Default Re: Vehicle Extended Functions

im using this and it allows you to do some cool things .
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Default Re: Vehicle Extended Functions

how to remove all 4 vehicle doors ?

SetVehicleDoors(vehicleid, 4, 4, 4, 4);
but this removes only 2 doors
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