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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

Well, twice Ive tried to do something new (mainly GTA United:RP (2013-2014 with Audiophr3ak & 2015-2016 with Soupiest) yet due to how they required the united TC itself, hardly anyone played.

with 0.3.DL having something like LC and VC in SAMP (Among many other maps) would be a lot easier to do, sadly I don't have the money or skills necessary to do so anymore. But that hasn't stopped me from messaging server owners and suggesting the idea!

I would love to see those Driver 2 maps turned into their own SAMP servers though

Originally Posted by JesterlJoker View Post
People grow up yes but doesn't mean they stop. If things are enjoyable everyone would want a piece of it. I for one is already 22 old enough to stop the diddle daddle on SA-MP but still I'm here. I am not leaving this place until everyone dies out. I still see developers doing their best to make SA-MP a better place that's why I'm not leaving, nobody has given up. It's just the server owners are afraid and are dying. If people are just more appreciative to change rather than just wanting something that the server owner cannot or would not add because of his own reasons.

Now a days RP people would want the bag system, the dynamic house system, etc etc... If they see new things they ignore it and ask the server owner to add this and that and other things that the server doesn't necessarily need since not every server caters the same idea.
im 25 and I still participate on forums and sometimes in the server, been playing SAMP since 2009ish
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Lightbulb Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

Most of the RP servers are the same, and I agree. They are all based on pre-existing successful models. They think that doing this all the time:
/me puts his hand in his pocket, brings out a cigarette and lights it.
is actually playing. To me that is simply boring and a waste of time.

We play games to see new things, that is the best thing a game can have. When the player continuously discovers new things during his gameplay he is motivated to keep playing. Also the player should not be forced to memorize and type commands all the time, this is also a problem IMO.

I am recently writing in my spare time a new version of my unreleased, unpublished Sasinosoft Roleplay.
This gamemode is started from scratch, and it will mainly feature A.I. bots (using FCNPC), which will behave somewhat like the Sims. They will not be just pedestrian extras who walk around, instead the player will be able to have complete RP situations with them. Each one of them has its own stats which are saved in the database, like for regular players. They have their own inventories and they may sell or buy items from the players or from other bots. They can make ties with players and other bots, so that they become friends, fiances, or spouses of them. They will send you SMSs on your phone, go to places in autonomy, do the same jobs as the players, drive in street races...

Most of the interaction of the player with the world will be done through the hotkeys and the dialogs, although the commands for basic things will still be there for those who prefer them. Why create a /houseinventory command while you can place a safe in the house with a 3D text label saying "Press return to open the inventory"? Look at the console games, none of them uses text commands and yet you can play them anyway.

I think nice cutscenes and stories are also cool, and will attract players' interest, that is why I dedicate time on it. Also I have picked many beautiful maps from the members of this community, and I have extended LS Airport.
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I hope I don't get banned for using gmail, lol
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

Originally Posted by Sasino97 View Post
Most of the RP servers are the same, and I agree. They are all based on pre-existing successful models. They think that doing this all the time:

is actually playing. To me that is simply boring and a waste of time.
So because the wheel is round, you'd be revolutionary and make it a damn cube...

Good job there. It's the way it is, because it's how it was made, and is the accepted norm.

It's a PC game, so it uses the keyboard... To bring consoles into this, is simply pointless, because they HAVE to use shorter and smaller control functions, because, they only have 20 keys total... Keyboard has a lot more than that, including modifiers and the like.
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

Let me answer your question from the eyes of what you call an imaginative mind, or at least I would classify myself as one.

I have spent most of my time here (~9 years now) on roleplaying servers, and apart from the first few years, have never or barely participated in any of the casual kind of roleplay 90% of people participate in. I have always tried to come up with unique things that interest me and people have never seen before, and tried to make them work on many existing servers. It's almost impossible to make an unique faction work on a large server, administrators don't know you and aren't willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and seem to be very cautious when it comes to unique factions because in their eyes, it won't work out anyway. If you have an idea and they don't like it, then too bad, there's no middle ground, no negotiation, it just won't happen.

I've chosen to stick mostly to smaller servers because it tends to be easier to do things there. I often work my way into the development, administration and / or managament team, and help them out in any way possible, and this tends to help me to realize my ideas. The last server I did this on was two years ago, and the server was rapidly growing before the management team decided they wanted to abandon two years of hard work for pretty much no damn reason. I have the gamemode, database and pretty much everything I would need to continue most of these servers, but I'm too damn loyal to run off with someone else's work, and when I ask them for permission they tend to want money for it.

I got tired of having to prove myself to large servers, and of wasting my talents and time on smaller servers that end up closing down for no reason whatsoever. I wanted to make a server myself before but I don't have enough time for that, and can't do everything myself, as I suck at creating maps most of the time, plus I just tend to work much better in a team. I still hope that my best days on SA:MP aren't in the past, but are yet to come, but I'm afraid that's just not the case.

Originally Posted by Bingo View Post
I heard the same dialogue in 2013, Don't worry no one is going anywhere.
I frankly wouldn't be so sure anymore, a friend recently invited me to a GTA V text-based roleplaying server. I've been playing it a little for the last week or so and am baffled by the amount of former SA:MP players joining on a daily basis, and the amount of friends I thought had quit roleplaying but have now joined there too.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

Why break something that is properly working? I've seen a lot of good servers died because of change.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

I think theres much roleplay servers but everything are the same, same ideas, same gameplay. Sadly the players dont try new servers, this is sad because many new servers with nice gamemodes are shut down because of low amount of players.

Im creating a horror server, called Friday the 13th. I hope people want play, im working very hard to make this server funny to play - ops, scary to play xd if anyone are interesting, like the f...,-.a..-,c....,;e......'b....;o.....'k page, search "Friday the 13th sa-mp server"
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

No one's a fool. I'm playing Baldur's Gate 2 (early 90's) and ppl still playing and hosting multiplayer. Everyone speaks about growing up and moving on games like they are old and wise men.
Let me tell you how it works. Eventually you will play what you want to play despite its age anyone and anything.
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

Go mobile or this will die. Many developers see and many don't but there will be heavy drop of playerbase in samp in next 5 years as people are going mobile and use pc mostly for next gen games not this decade old game.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why is the sa-mp rp community reluctant to change

They just released 0.3DL for more creativity.
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