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Default Advanced Anti-AFK

Advanced Anti-AFK


Hi everyone. I provide you with my include that I have subscribed to this month. It concerns the anti afk system. It is advanced and certainly works much better than other predecessors. It certainly does not create any crashes.

About of include

This include has work in unix system. You can create your timer in script but you must remove timer-call in include. Don't use timers time > 1000ms for? You can't update anti-afk for 500ms or 250.. It all checks unix for you! Read down informations to tell you how you can activite this include in your gamemode script. MAX_AFK_SECONDS in include applies to maximum seconds to check afk. (defualt 59)


This include creates a callback if you use this library in a script you don't need to define them. You must create callbacks to not get errors in compilator.
PHP Code:
OnPlayerEnterAFK(playerid) - is call when player start afk.
OnPlayerExitAFK(playerid) - is call when player send movement/click any(sa-mpkeybutton 


All functions to use. (remember, you must active this code to player using EnableAFKSystemForPlayer)
PHP Code:
IsPlayerAFK(playerid); - you can check if is player in afk in this time.
'* EnableAFKSystemForPlayer(playerid); - use this function when player has logged in because then script can checking players afk. Nothing specific return.'
SetPlayerAFKStatus(playeridbool:true/false); - true set afk and false delete from afk list. Nothing specific return. 
CheckPlayerAFK(playerid); - you will can use this function to checking afk status in your clockYou should use one second repeat timer (1000ms


Thanks to:
* ****** (Hooking)
* SA-MP (Main Library)
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