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Default Argument mismatch

Im getting argument mismatch at those lines:

pawn Code:
USA_CP_SHOP = CreateDynamicCP(-250.0965,2602.7275,62.8582,88.2492,3.0,-1,-1,-1,100.0);
    GERMANY_CP_SHOP = CreateDynamicCP(-1478.7811,2640.7166,58.7879,0.4926,3.0,-1,-1,-1,100.0);
    RUSSIA_CP_SHOP = CreateDynamicCP(-162.0187,1132.3522,19.7422,269.6302,3.0,-1,-1,-1,100.0);

But the code seems ok. I already defined it.
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Default Re: Argument mismatch

PHP Code:
USA_CP_SHOP CreateDynamicCP(-250.09652602.727562.85823.0, -1, -1, -1100.0);
GERMANY_CP_SHOP CreateDynamicCP(-1478.78112640.716658.78793.0, -1, -1, -1100.0);
RUSSIA_CP_SHOP    CreateDynamicCP(-162.01871132.3522 ,19.74223.0, -1, -1, -1100.0); 
You were putting the Facing Angle parameter in the CreateDynamicCP(..); function, a checkpoint doesn't need a facing angle.
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