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Default [TUTORIAL] How To Stop Money Hackers!

This tutorial will stop cash hackers, But the only problem is that tranfender is free! Anyway Enjoy.

Also: If you want to give people cash do,

pawn Code:
PlayerCash[playerid] += amount here;

Step 1:

Place This At The Top Of Your Script.

pawn Code:
new PlayerMoney[MAX_PLAYERS];
new OldCash[MAX_PLAYERS];
forward PlayerTimer()

Then Place The Following Code Under Onplayerconnect and OnPlayerDisconnect
pawn Code:
PlayerMoney[playerid] = 0;
OldCash[playerid] = 0;

Step 2:

Put this code under OnGameModeInit, This will set a timer for PlayerTimer to declare.

pawn Code:

Step 3:

Then This Public Will Check If Its Severside Cash Increase Or Client.

pawn Code:
public PlayerTimer()
  for(new i=0; i<MAX_PLAYERS; i++)
      if(GetPlayerMoney(i) != PlayerCash[i])
         OldCash[i] = GetPlayerMoney(i);
      return 1;
    return 1;

Sorry About Indentation!
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Default Re: [TUTORIAL] How To Stop Money Hackers!

It's good, I use the same thing on my script... Works all the time hehe...
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