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Default Re: Detect Driving on the wrong side of the road

Originally Posted by kkeeii View Post
SF only? Or all city?
all of san andreas

Originally Posted by ipsLeon View Post
Very nice, nice usage for GTA:SA nodes info. By the way, is there a file or array for onfoot nodes (sidewalk)? I ever wanted to do some stuff like pedestrian npcs using these nodes but never knew if there is some sidewalk nodes to work with. Really impressive work, thanks for sharing.

@Edit: I've been reading gta wikia and saw that all the nodes are inside .dat files into gta3.img, I would like to know what are the files for onfoot nodes... Sorry for the stupid question, I should read more about it before asking.
I decompiled the nodes using Aschratt's APE and each node had a count of how many connections it had, so the first node has 2 connections, which were the first 2 of the links sections (it'll make sense if you have the decompiled nodes in notepad++) which are just indexes of the connections

so first node has 2 connections
links section is something like this

so the first node has the connections 102 and 6 which are the 102nd node and the 6th node in the node section.

node 2 also has 2 connections, which would be 26 and 18 since node 1 has the first 2 connections.

I haven't messed with the ped nodes but I'd assume its the same setup
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Default Re: Detect Driving on the wrong side of the road

Wooow , this good for some mods ,

! Very Nice !10/10
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