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Huge Clucker
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Default CPU 90 - 101%

Hello guys. I got a problem with my server. When he reach a amount of player ( more than 10 ) ,my CPU goes to 90 - 101% and the server is blocked. If i press refresh in sa:mp client , he show the ping , the players connected , but when i connect on the server , i see that 3 messages ( last: Connected to )

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Default Re: CPU 90 - 101%

Check your gamemode. Or you have slow computer.
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Default Re: CPU 90 - 101%

debug all your script and btw im having the same problem but my problem was i do Global strings with 256 this is a big problem and isnt that all i had always format(string sizeof(string) there is one problem too because it just does the CPU calculate the string [wich takes some more usage...] and i had these problems in Timers for example TextDraws for show hours Speedometer and things like this and for me i corrected with this all i sayed and its now fixed!

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