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Little Clucker
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Question [HELP] How do I install the cities vice city and libert city?

Could you explain the procedure to install the maps on my 0.3DL samp server? Download GTA UNITED and install it. After extracting the txd and dff files and finally put them in the models folder, however when entering the server do not load the textures.

This is the procedure I perform but when I access the server I do not download the files
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Big Clucker
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Exclamation Re: [HELP] How do I install the cities vice city and libert city?

Did you do /gotovc or /gotolc?

So to get this working you will need:

Installing / Extracting GTA United Models:
  • Download latest Alci's IMG Editor (tested with v1.5).
  • Install the GTA United in a clean folder. NOT YOUR GTA SA. And delete everything except the mod folder.
  • Extract all files using Alci's IMG Editor:
    Extract /mod/lc2sa/lc2sa.img => server/models/lc2sa/temp
    Extract /mod/vc2sa/vc2sa.img => server/models/vc2sa/temp
  • Then move all .txd files to their respective folders (txd folder)
    server/models/lc2sa/temp/*.txd => server/models/lc2sa/txd
    server/models/vc2sa/temp/*.txd => server/models/vc2sa/txd
  • The you will have only dff and others inside the temp folder. Move they to their respective folders (dff folder)
    server/models/lc2sa/temp/* => server/models/lc2sa/dff
    server/models/vc2sa/temp/* => server/models/vc2sa/dff
You should now have all .txd files inside the txd folder and all .dff and .col inside the dff folder. Thats it! Move on.

Processing DFF and COL files (windows only sorry, it should be also easy for linux tho):
  • Download KDFF Tool here (tested with v025a)
  • Download Collision File Editor II (tested with v0.4beta)
  • Extract the KDFF.exe file to the dff folder.
  • Open windows command prompt and do /cd to go to the dff folder. Or simply type cmd in the path name input and hit enter.
  • Then type this command to generate .col files for all .dff files inside the folder (it will take a while, go grab a coffee):
    HTML Code:
    for %f in (*.dff) do kdff.exe -g mesh -d %f -o %~nf.col
    Note: This works in most objects, but sometimes it will create collision problems in some objects, to fix that you have to use the Collision File Editor II and fix each object manually. Unless someone knows another way. So you can ignore that for now.
  • In the end type this command twice to attach all .col files to their respectives .dff so your models will have collision and you wont fall in water. Do this again each time you change a .col file with Collision File Editor II, so it will update.
    HTML Code:
    kdff.exe -p *.dff
  • After that you can either delete all .col files (as they have a copy attached inside the .dff file) or leave them as backup.

So now you have all .txd files inside the txd folders and all .dff (with their .col files attached) in the dff folders. Great!

Setup the server:
  • Open your server.cfg file and add streamer as a plugin by editing or adding the line
    plugins streamer
  • Then add lc2sa and vc2sa .amx as filterscripts by editing or adding the line
    filterscripts lc2sa4samp vc2sa4samp
  • Change the gamemode to bare (optional) by editing or adding the line
    gamemode0 bare 1
  • Start your server and wait for it to load

Setup client:
  • Open your SAMP client and add the ip
  • Connect to your sever
  • To go to a city type /gotovc (VC) or /gotolc (LC) , then it will download all files and will later spawn you in the city.
Note: The cities are in another world. So you cant fly using a plane from one to another. You can change it recompiling the .pwn file and using the same world id for both.
Thats it Hope it works.

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