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Default Miami Vice Roleplay [Vice City] [0.3.DL]

Miami Vice Roleplay is a multiplayer server hosted on 0.3DL version of samp, set in the city of Miami that's based on the map of GTA Vice City. We've placed all of our fundamental structures (Bank, DMV, Jobs locations, etc..) equally to fill the whole map and to ensure activity durability. Not mention that we've used VC map locations carefully to fit Miami lifestyle.

We offer you a whole different and new experience in the world of SAMP : From delivering a nostalgic ride through Vice City map to adding exciting features. You'll find a variety of twists:
-House customization: Ability to furnish your whole house and even outside for all of you creativity and uniqueness seekers, different House lock and alarm levels.
-House garage system: You could own a garage which can be used to hide items/park cars.
-Death system: Dead bodies remain where they died.
-Multiple scripted jobs: Food delivery, Garbage man, Trucker, Taxi, Fishing, and Street sweeping and more!
-Legal & illegal factions: We offer you plenty of factions such as Miami Police department that has it very own divisions (SWAT, traffic, detective and more!) Fire department, FBI, RR and of course all type of illegal gangs / organizations.
-Graffiti System: Gangs can now tag their own phrases on specified locations hand picked by our gang moderation team.
-Weapons Crates: Requested by gang leaders and delivered by our staff team to make sure that curtains weapons remains rare and controlled by server management to deliver a well balanced roleplay experience.
-Safe: Installable safe for every house and business owner that can be robbed by other players.

And there's more and more!

Here at MVRP, we've attempted to recreate a fresh gameplay experience far away from Los Santos so you can roleplay in a totally new environment.
Hop on and be a part of our revolutionary community, we're always looking for improvements and indeed open for all of your suggestions


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