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Little Clucker
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Default My mapping from past few years.

As it been over half a year now since I played samp. Thought I might as well share some of the mappings
I have created for my servers over the years. Sadly I lost all of it at one point went I formated my drive.
So this is some of the more recent creations.

Rust (duel map)
My attempt at re-creating the Rust map In San Andreas.
The map works well the only issue being it's in the sky and people would fall through.
You can always just move it onto a place in the desert to solve this issue though.

More images here:

OP40 Base
This was created for a TDM server where we used the names
of call of duty clans/groups. Pretty simple and has an issue
at the back which I never fixed.

One more image here

Soviet Aircraft Carrier
Was one of my most time-consuming projects. As you might know
in cod servers there is always a team base in fort Carson which in my opinion is very out of place
and takes too much to fill the space. My solution was the Aircraft Carrier big enough for a whole team with
aircraft and boats. Sadly I combined it with another one of my maps and overwrite the file. However,
the Island can be removed it was an attempt at making the wake island map from battlefield. But the scale
of the island is way off.

Gallery link:

WarFeild TestTrack
Created as I wanted a place to drift using mods.
Works pretty well but if you want to race I suggest small cars like
lawnmowers or go-karts.

Gallery link:

Stanta Slay
This was supposed to be used in a winter update for one of my servers. With it
randomly flying across the map.

Gallery Link:

Clan Base
Made my clan on a server a base. Even after I showed it
they did not end up using it.

Every server I played on had a sniper dm that was basically only for
quick scoping which is not really sniping
Very basic map and would require either vehicles or parachutes.
Also, the default draw distance does not show all of the objects.

One other image:

Again was going to be using one of my servers.
A gadget you could deploy and use. Never got scripted.

Area51 Warfeild
My area 51 I created for my Warfield server. While the above-ground is quite
basic I spent most my time inside the base. The only issue we had was
with the script or something. Random objects would just vanish over time
and this included bits of the tunnel.
Video link:

Galley link:

Bravo Base
Created for Warfield. This base is pretty good in my opinion.
Only two issues. 1 the floor is custom so people fall though
2 people would sit on the nearby hill and spawn kill. I solved this
with huge walls which were semi-transparent. However, this
version does not include the walls.

Gallery Link:

This one I forgot the name for. We were having issues with the lack
of players and I wanted to make the battlezone smaller for more action.
However, my scripter did not understand my idea and just added it as another

I have done more but like I said it was lost. So bellow is a link to a gallery of my old work that
got lost.
Who knows I might do mapping again...

If you use any of my work on your server please credit me. Thank you
My work:
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: My mapping from past few years.

Woah well done.
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Default Re: My mapping from past few years.

I like it, good job!
Here is my discord server
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: My mapping from past few years.

I like Area51 Warfeild very much
good job man
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