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Lightbulb Collisions (Solid Walls) of SA Interior v1.0

Hi there

Well I made "Hard Walls" for all SA interiors who didn't have them.

In screens you can see for which interiors now have collisions(hard walls):

To install them open gta_int.img and import all *.COL files into it ( don't know how?, ask here ).

And also here is Liberty city+Airport fixed file, if you have non-clear SA installation of game you may have meet this problem that you don't have Liberty City bistro or Airport interiors.

To install this one replace levelmap.ipl from dir\SA\data\maps\leveldes with this one from file attachments.
if you don't want replace this files, here is cmds what you can make that for example if someone don't have them he just type /fixbistro and objects adding.
pawn Code:
if (strcmp(cmd, "/fixbistro", true) == 0)
            if(FixObjectsCreated[playerid] == 0) // Use your own techinque to not make 99999x objects by one player
                FixObject[playerid][0] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3919,-787.453,496.797,1375.05,0,0,0);
                FixObject[playerid][1] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3942,-787.367,499.648,1374.71,0,0,0);
                FixObject[playerid][2] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3944,-787.492,505.875,1374.72,0,0,0);
                FixObject[playerid][3] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3946,-785.992,497.164,1373.96,0,0,0);
                FixObject[playerid][4] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3921,-778.977,493.961,1375.7,0,0,0);
                FixObject[playerid][5] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3961,-791.32,501.156,1368.34,0,0,0);
                FixObject[playerid][6] = CreatePlayerObject(playerid,3943,-785.82,497.336,1370.87,0,0,0);
                SendFalseText(playerid,"Bistro is already fixed."); // Change to your own "Don't...." texts.
        return 1;

Have fun to use more Interiors.

If you know some others interiors which need to be "hard" post screens here.
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Default Re: Collisions (Hard Walls) of SA Interior v1.0

Good work mate!
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Default Re: Collisions (Hard Walls) of SA Interior v1.0

Thats fantastic, Well done. I havnt tested but Its bound to work. Well done.
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Default Re: Collisions (Hard Walls) of SA Interior v1.0

very usefull for rp servers....good work
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