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Little Clucker
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Default What happened, why it happened? (and some misc things)

So, i was playing SA-MP for the first time, i was exploring the place, then i tried to get on a car, but the player kicked me off, i saw a shop, then i entered it. And for some reason, the doors didn't worked anymore, i couldn't exit, so i quit the game, and i think i saw the message ''You are in jail, wait 15 minutes'' before quitting. I didn't enter the game after that and my password got confused, now it's fixed. (By the way, how do i change my skin on the servers? I also couldn't attach an object to my character because the command was invalid.)
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Alex Magaņa
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Default Re: What happened, why it happened?

Why you didnt report this in their community instead of SA:MP community lol? I believe we cant help you in this situtation only if you speak with the server developers you played on for some kind of bugs exploits / glitches. ^

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