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Hello everyone

- This Script is a Simple Roleplay Script for beginners and You can use it on a Very Low CPU/RAM host.

- This Script has a Simple Registration & login system also an Admin System, there is a total of 6 levels of Admin, Also we have ooc chat where all players can talk using [/o], ooc chat can be disabled in some situations by Level 5 Admin+ using the Command [/noooc], Roleplay with [/me] & [/do] and Much more.

- Admins have a Secondary Key, this makes Admin account more secure, You will get the Seckey when you become an Admin but don't worry you can change it from Go to Scriptfiles >> Users >> find the name >> edit, you will see Seckey = (anumber), Just change it. You can see the Commands below.

- Features:
> Normal Player Commands:
*** CHAT *** (/w)hisper (/o)oc (/s)hout (/l)ow /b /me /do /togwhisper
*** GENERAL *** /pay /time /id /kill
> Admin Commands:
Secret Admin: (/ah)elp
Junior Admin: /kick /goto /sendtols /gotols /spawn
General Admin: /ban /setskin /veh /destroycar /gotoint
Senior Admin: /sethp /setarmor /fixveh /destroycars
Head Admin: /fixvehall /rac /noooc /givegun
Server Manager: /setadmin /givemoney
RCON Admin: /rcon cmdlist /setadmin
> How to make Yourself Admin?
Everyone wants to be Admin in their Server with the highest power, You don't need to edit any script/file just go in-game, [/rcon login (password)] >> [/setadmin (YourName/ID) (1-6)]

Hope You all have like the Script, Please Comment & tell how it!

If you have any Question ask me in Comments!

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