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Little Clucker
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Talking CONNECTION REJECTED:incorrect version

I cant run samp, when i click play it displays the thing in the title. I have downloaded the latest client and i am playing on win 10. At first i couldnt run it so i deleted some file and now i cant enter the server. Any help?
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Alex Magaņa
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Default Re: CONNECTION REJECTED:incorrect version

Which version of SA:MP are you using 0.3.7 or 0.3-DL just a note:

- You cannot connect to 0.3.7 servers if you got 0.3-DL version + you cannot connect to 0.3-DL servers if you got 0.3.7 version.

You said you removed an important file, just re-install GTA:SA & SA:MP and run the game.

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Default Re: CONNECTION REJECTED:incorrect version

Server version should be equal to your SAMP client. As Alex said, You can not connect to a 0.3.7 Server using a 0.3DL client and visa versa. You probably have 0.3.7 and you are trying to enter a 0.3DL server. Try to install the correct version according to the server you want to play.

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Default Re: CONNECTION REJECTED:incorrect version
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